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Any recommendation for blueray player that Pandora Jewelleryhttp://www.ukrailsim.co.uk/ streams netflix Any recommendation for blueray player that Pandora Glass Beads streams netflix Lg370/390:If you love lg, youre gonna need the lg 390.Currently each of our 370, which you'll want to read on multiple sites, web has"Lower video decent"And is also the older model with additional issue.The lg390 is about $260 at bb at the moment, but it has as with any the damn features youd want.I wouldnt the actual 370 personally. Ive avoided samsung this page blu ray players, partly because those seem to say they have some quality control issues.I don't know how true this is but. The panasonic bd60k/80k i frequently come back to.Its only $120 at bestbuy at the moment.The only difficulties with it is, it doesnt steam blockbuster online. Playstation 3:I continually come back to this and ive almost pulled the trigger on it but.Ps3 obviously does things and is a gaming system.It has a few downside ive read.Purportedly the audio quality is not as high as other standalone players.I am not saying 100 sure if thats true but, ive see clearly on a few places.Just maybe ps3 has"Not so excellent"Dvd play either, which is very important to me.Ps3 is also the highest price tagged option and you also need to buy a separate controller for $20, that make it $320 before tax. Master bd320:Looks good.I had many people from this forum suggest.Ive read that it has among the slowest load time though, which is unlucky.Moreover, it does not stream netflix i don't fall for. Heres some sites ive been pulling some investigation from.I'm in search of myself, and have come to concluding not to buy a really expensive player since i'm not convinced bluray is a long term format, and also because the lions ukrailsim share(It's possible that more)Of my needs involve streaming as compared with playing disks.

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