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Furniture Party Dresses Australia exporters grim sort out 4 Exporters facing appreciation, inflation, liquidity crunch, the consumer to upgrade four major trends, and close the mouths of the building materials enterprises have a great impact on the formation of the industry.Faced with such domestic and international situation, how the domestic market?For flooring, ceramics, furniture, building materials such as the current situation faced, the following directional ideas: 1, Enhancing the good business model innovation As an original building materials exportoriented enterprises, the domestic market do when you come back you will find that when you look down some of the rivals are now relying on a solid brand and market the network ahead of you, so that Time spell, then go with the opponents it is likely you will suffer.Therefore, based on enhancing the same time, through business model innovation to achieve the breakthrough is the best way.Such as a large village in hangzhou floor, bamboo flooring in the production industry has a very high floor, then can be based on this market segment to achieve a breakthrough?But light this may does not work, then may mean you have to innovative marketing models, for example, you may preengineering major is necessary to configure your customer marketing marketing management in order to achieve a breakthrough.Further about the socalled business model, it includes your profit model innovation, such as, for example, rely on product profitability, or by Where Do You Get Bridesmaid Dresses Australia service?Have your management style, etc., all need to be configured to your market. 2, strengthening the brand Flooring and other building materials company brand image building has gone through three stages, first iso quality certification, the second stage is the celebrity endorsements, and now are gradually entering the third stage is that the bombing of CCTV and other media advertising, such as the World Friends SITA and other companies have stepped up their advertising efforts into this fast.The one hand, these enterprises focus on brand building ambitions and moved, i think that these companies continue to invest as long as it can surely be rewarded.But on the other hand, i also pointed personal observations:I think of a brand should be established first in your longterm planning on the basis of the brand, otherwise it is pure speculation and planning of work, you put more money that is earning lively, mixed a lianshu, but to the end, consumers see your brand is not a kind of"Love at first sight, dead set"Feeling look for you this is the only measure of your brand standards.If at the end to allow access to the palace with the backyard, suddenly blurred, and then only show you do not have the brand, only the wellknown. Furthermore, the only criterion for testing the brand is the time to look at the world major brands, are the product of time concise rather than other.Only the starting time of life experiences, or to say:You have only been possible before starting longterm investment return you need for the kind of brand loyalty. In addition, the brand does not mean advertising, advertising is a good quick way of raising awareness, but not the only, nor is it the most costeffective investment approach to a building materials company last time i said the training too:In fact, word of mouth and public relations is the best brand means of communication, rather than advertising.But the ad has the fastest, the biggest spread of effect.I have met a small area for cabinet brands, product design generally, but particular emphasis on the boss works installation and aftersales service, so satisfaction is especially high, he is now almost no advertising, word of mouth accounts for more than 40%, and a community is often more than 300 families that he can win more than 100 families a very powerful, i think the eyes of consumers in this region it is a brand, and not necessarily be considered the country know the brand. 3, focus onTheintegration and dissemination of innovativeTheintensity of competition who can takeThelead in creatingThebrand will come to haveTheadvantage, many enterprises also increased its spread, but Chuanbo must be built onThebasis of its brand planning, especiallyThecore values of your refined, such as we competition and incentive forTheautomotive industry to make a template, you must first think of Volvo thought of security, think of driving pleasure you would think BMW, think of fuel economy you would think of Toyota, etc., each with its distinct brand cars areThecore values of, and its promotion will be around as much as possible in carrying out their.Look at an example of building materials industry, such as fillinger, fromTheearly"Different life experience,"The"Whole life, to enjoy" all have thick Petty Bourgeoisie, so feedback fromThemarket look like onThepopular young.Therefore, we must spread around its core, or tens of millions of advertising dollars on failed to be implemented. Also must pay attention to the event of marketing.I said, not the isolated event marketing, event marketing, but a similar dream of cattle such as yogurt with an event such as the heart, and detonated pr, advertising, terminals and other forms of integrated event marketing.Example, a while before i see the flooring industry to do a business case on the win of marketing in china, of course, also do well, if he means to reintegrate a little, then a little rich, and then further line root out Princess Wedding Dresses Australia the point that i believe can create more big brand.

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